Summary of CO2, Climate Change, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Power

John Shanahan

John Shanahan, Civil Engineer. The world has benefited tremendously from the use of coal in industry, transportation and generating electricity since the early 18th century. Oil and natural gas started being used in industry in the 20th century. Radiation and radioisotopes began use in the early 1900s. Nuclear power for generating electricity began in the 1950s. Alarmist's efforts to impede use of nuclear power by exaggerating the dangers of low-dose radiation began in the 1950s. Alarmist's efforts to stop use of fossil fuels by claiming that carbon dioxide they produce is a pollutant became serious in the 1970s. This summary outlines the importance of CO2 as the molecule of life, that climate change is controlled by the sun and other physics details of the solar system, and the irreplaceable importance of fossil fuels and nuclear power to continue the modern world for a very long time.


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