Coming soon – the Oz-bat Epidemic

Viv Forbes
Saltbush Club
Wildlife belongs mostly in the countryside in wildlife habitats, and to a limited degree in urban areas. If they overwhelm urban areas and agriculture they can destroy landscaping, gardens, and crops. Their droppings and scat can destroy parks sport fields monuments and buildings. They can carry all kinds of diseases. The extreme envronmental movement has forced people to accept unlimited amounts of pests with the restriction not to kill any wildlife in the city. It is another nightmare imposed by a rabid minority on everyone.This has to change.

Viv Forbes, Executive Director of the Saltbush Club: Many Australian towns and parks are infected by millions of messy, noisy fruit bats that can carry three viruses dangerous to animals and humans – Hendra-virus (flu etc), Lyssa-virus (like rabies) and Nipah-virus (encephalitis). These bats wear Green “Protected Species” badges, but unprotected humans are exposed to their noise, smell, droppings, virus dangers and damage to trees and orchards.


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