Global Warming - The Environmentalist and The Neanderthal

Jim Le Maistre

A justifiable disdain for wide-spread pollution that is totally out of control has led to our current, well founded narrative, conducted by Politicians and Environmental Advocates World Wide. Unfortunately, that narrative has been hijacked by ‘Spin Doctors’ and their allies in the Environmental Movement and the Media. Humanity has been hypnotised into believing that CO2 is causing Climate Change. Environmentalists the world over have taken over the socio-political narrative with an easy, unsubstantiated view that CO2 is the New Devil to be defeated

All the ‘Climate Change’ we are seeing today has happened before. The Roman Warming Period and The Middle Ages Warming Period are both recorded in writing and from Ice Core sampling. The purveyors of our current Narrative on Climate Change have chosen NOT to view these records as relevant. ‘Everyone knows it’s Man-Made’.


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