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Why Study Nuclear Science

Florencia Renteria
Mexico, China, South Korea
Arbol de Santa Maria del Tule Oaxaca Mexico. Circumference 45 meters. Age over 2000 years. Mexico has tremendous potential for a strong economy industry vacation destination retirement living education and cultural events. Young professionals can set the example and become leaders in technology for Mexico and the world.

Florencia de los Angeles Renteria del Toro, nuclear scientist, PhD candidate at Harbin Engineering University, China: In my journey in education, I have been participating in projects that help to develop and optimize technology in different countries. My area of expertise is Nuclear Reactor Design and, during my master’s program, I worked in the design of a new reactor in South Korea which would implement a new nuclear fuel management strategy for the fuel utilization and optimization in the production of electricity. Currently, I am working with Nuclear Energy Systems developed in China on the application of Artificial Neural Networks to Loading Pattern determination. Science and technology are pillars upon which to develop society and educate future generations.