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About Us

The website is hosted by John Shanahan, a civil engineer with a career in nuclear power in the USA and Switzerland. He lives in Denver, Colorado, USA. The website technology and communications director is Michael Hancock, a retired software development manager with international experience. He lives in Denver. The mission of the website is to contribute to global public education about the importance of energy and energy by-products for people and the environment in the modern world. It includes content from anti-technology alarmist organizations. There is an International Board of Advisors that contributes ideas, essays and connections with other leaders. The website has a library of over 2,630 articles, essays, reports, whole eBooks, PowerPoint Presentations, and videos by more than 1,500 authors or organizations. Every topic has more than one point of view. The content is intended to help people who want good information: students, teachers, professors, parents, technicians, professionals, and leaders in business and government. A newsletter is issued monthly that covers many topics on the website. A supplement newsletter on a single topic or person is also issued monthly. They are sent to subscribers in over 123 countries. We work with colorful, inspiring photos as much as possible. The main focal point is people everywhere.

Our Mission

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Gather articles daily for posting on the website about wind, solar, biomass, hydro-electric, fossil fuels, and nuclear energy, related technologies and by-products, nuclear medicine, benefits of low-dose radiation, environmental topics, and people who use and manage these necessities for the modern world. Present different points of view. Engage in discussions with authors. Publish a newsletter about content on the website. Send newsletter to people in over 123 countries. Contribute to education on these topics for students, parents, teachers, professors, professional, technicians, and leaders in business and government around the world.

Board of Advisors

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Our Staff

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John Shanahan

John Shanahan is a civil engineer with career in nuclear power in the United States and Switzerland. He has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the United States and Doctorate of Engineering from Germany. After 25 years in commercial nuclear power and environmental cleanup, he dedicated the next 25 plus years to his own education about all the topics on the website:, to getting to know experts in all those fields, to studying over 2,300 articles, reports, PowerPoint Presentations, books, and a lot more literature. He developed three websites for public education. The only one now open is It is the biggest and most comprehensive website. He works with an International Board of Advisors in 21 countries and other close associates to interest and educate students, parents, teachers, professors, professionals and technicians in many fields, and leaders in business and government.

Michael Hancock

Michael Hancock has a M.Sc. in Software Engineering. After serving in the US Air Force performing as a musician, he had a successful career as Software Development Manager for AT&T Bell Labs, and Director of Strategy, Business Development, and Product Management for Lucent Technologies, AVAYA, and Glenayer Technologies. In retirement, he continues to consult both in business and technology and is involved with entertainment productions including music, theatre and film projects. He is a major contributor to the technology design and communication strategies for

Our Authors

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Our Country Connections

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