Today: 06.Apr.2020

Ed Berry, physicist and climate scientist: Fear is the greatest motivator. When humans accept a belief because of fear, sometimes they cannot recover. They can’t comprehend evidence that their fear is not warranted. Fear supersedes logic. Witch doctors, tribal leaders, and “fire and brimstone” preachers learned that a long time ago. To control the people, instill fear in the people. Today, we have two generations of people who have grown up with the belief that human carbon dioxide emissions cause serious climate change. See Ed Berry's very clear text explanations and John Shanahan's photos of nature around the world documenting how healthy Earth's climate has been for the last hundred years. Catastrophic man-made global warming resides in the determined mines of the alarmists.

Hermann Harde, Experimental Physics and Materials Science: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assumes that the inclining atmospheric CO2 concentration over recent years was almost exclusively determined by anthropogenic emissions, and this increase is made responsible for the rising temperature over the Industrial Era. We show that human activities are not responsible for the observed CO2 increase and the expected temperature rise in the atmosphere. Just opposite, the temperature itself dominantly controls the CO2 increase. Therefore, not CO2 but primarily native impacts are responsible for any observed climate changes.

Published in Germany

Allan Macrae, mining and geotechnical engineer: Earth may now be entering another natural cooling trend. Earth Surface Temperature warmed approximately ("~") 0.7 degrees Celsius ("C") from ~1910 to ~1945, cooled ~0.4 C from ~1945 to ~1975, warmed ~0.6 C from ~1975 to 1997, and has not warmed significantly from 1997 to 2007. CO2 emissions due to human activity rose gradually from the onset of the Industrial Revolution, reaching ~1 billion tonnes per year (expressed as carbon) by 1945, and then accelerated to ~9 billion tonnes per year by 2007. Since ~1945 when CO2 emissions accelerated, Earth experienced ~22 years of warming, and ~40 years of either cooling or absence of warming. it is appropriate to cease all CO2 abatement programs that are not cost-effective, and focus efforts on sensible energy efficiency, clean water and the abatement of real atmospheric pollution, including airborne NOx, SOx and particulate emissions. The tens of trillions of dollars contemplated for CO2 abatement should be saved or re-allocated to truly important global priorities.

Guus Berkhout, physicist, electrical engineer, founder of Netherlands based Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL): Natural as well as anthropogenic factors cause warming. CO2 is plant food, the basis of all life on Earth. Global warming has not increased natural disasters. Climate policy must respect scientific and economic realities. OUR ADVICE TO THE EUROPEAN LEADERS IS THAT SCIENCE SHOULD STRIVE FOR A SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE CLIMATE SYSTEM, WHILE POLITICS SHOULD FOCUS ON MINIMIZING POTENTIAL CLIMATE DAMAGE BY PRIORITIZING ADAPTATION STRATEGIES BASED ON PROVEN AND AFFORDABLE TECHNOLOGIES.