Today: 13.May.2021

Robinson Meyer staff writer for The Atlantic: The Atlantic Magazine publishes articles about man-made global warming. One of their staff writers, Robinson Meyer, is concerned about man-made global warming. But he correctly understands that nuclear power is not a Silver Bullet solution. There are several obvious, but ignored reasons: 1) Electric generation is only a fraction of uses for fossil fuels. The other uses will continue for a long time. 2) Nuclear power can't be allowed to be operated in countries with bad governments, terrible economies, poor education systems and no local industry to support it. 3) At the very best, it would take the world more than a century to switch entirely to nuclear power, probably several centuries. The supposed man-made global warming crisis is said to have to be solved in fifty years or so.

Published in USA

H J Schellnhuber, Chief Government Advisor, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK):. The German government tells their citizens if they cut back on use of fossil fuels and nuclear, Germany will be able to control Earth's climate. A while ago, a German auto maker had trouble reporting exhaust gases from the cars. Now, PIK claims their advice on use of fossil fuels and nuclear power will enable Germany to control Earth's climate. Wahnsinn - crazy. Schwachsinn - idiocy.

Published in Germany

The International Institute for Applied systems Analysis, IIASA, in Vienna, Austria is sponsored by many countries. It spends time and resources writing reports claiming governments of the world can create policies to control Earth's average temperature all year long, everywhere to within a half a degree Celsius. The most radical and brutal dictators of all time have never pretended to have such powers. Wahnsinn - crazy. Schwachsinn - idiocy.

Published in Austria

Climate Council Australia: This report describes the carbon cycle and how moving carbon from the atmosphere back to the land by planting trees or other means is useful but cannot offset fossil fuel emissions. The report concludes that tackling climate change effectively can only be done by reducing fossil fuel emissions deeply and rapidly.

Published in Australia