Today: 13.Aug.2020

The International Institute for Applied systems Analysis, IIASA, in Vienna, Austria is sponsored by many countries. It spends time and resources writing reports claiming governments of the world can create policies to control Earth's average temperature all year long, everywhere to within a half a degree Celsius. The most radical and brutal dictators of all time have never pretended to have such powers. Wahnsinn - crazy. Schwachsinn - idiocy.

Published in Austria

Climate Council Australia: This report describes the carbon cycle and how moving carbon from the atmosphere back to the land by planting trees or other means is useful but cannot offset fossil fuel emissions. The report concludes that tackling climate change effectively can only be done by reducing fossil fuel emissions deeply and rapidly.

Published in Australia

James Hatem, Watts Up With That? With all the talk about the warming glaciers in the Alps, someone needs to explain this temperature reconstruction showing that summer temperatures in the French Alps are the coldest they have been in 2000 years.

Published in France

C3 Headlines is an anonymous American website providing information skeptical of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming and supporting moderation and efficiency in using the blessings of fossil fuels. Fully supports nuclear power: Fortunately for those who believe in empirical science, the facts are indisputable. The earth is not at risk of rapid global warming that would set off a soon-to-be 'climate emergency or 'climate crisis' tipping point.

Published in C3 Headlines