Today: 05.Mar.2021

Wade Allison - Radiation and Reason. A list of the pros and cons of nuclear energy is straightforward; we need it, it is safe, but people are frightened of it. But the need to replace fossil fuels with another large base-load source is widely understood and its safety has been demonstrated many times.

Published in UK

Jerry Cuttler, D.Sc. in nuclear sciences and engineering, recipient of 2011 International Dose-Response Society Award for Outstanding Career Achievement: This presentation describes low dose radiation treatments for more than 120 years. Describes mechanism for beneficial effects. Ionizing radiation effects on DNA and H2O. Radiotherapy for sinus infections, pneumonia, wound healing, bronchial asthma, inflammatory disease. Discussion of Threshold model versus Linear No-Threshold model for estimating radiation induced cancer. Radiobiological basis of low-dose irradiation in prevention and therapy of cancer. Radon therapy for cancer. Rheumatoid arthritis. Diabetes. Phemphigus auto immune disease. Neurodegenerative diseases. Parkinsons disease. Alzheimer's disease. Important conclusions.

Rebecca Campbell, writer, Jan Rijn Zeevaart, Necsa radiochemistry: Dr Zeevaart, who is Necsa’s head of radiochemistry, was the corporation’s top creator of intellectual property (IP), in terms of implementable disclosures to the Office of Technology Transfer, over the period April 1, 2011, to March 31, 2018. During this time, he authored or co-authored ten Innovation Disclosures and co-authored six of Necsa’s “patent families”. All these are in the areas of radiopharmaceuticals and radiochemicals.

Mohn Doss, Medical Physicist in Diagnostic Imaging: The LNT Era (Linear No Threshold) has not ended yet. But, there are signs that we may be approaching its end. The problem with the LNT model for radiation-induced cancer is the absence of threshold results in the fear of the smallest amount of radiation. The LNT model was adopted by advisory bodies in the 1950 and has been endorsed by them repeatedly. Low-dose radiation boosts the immune system and so it should lead to reduction of cancers, a phenomenon known as radiation hormesis. Conclusion: The LNT mmodel is not valid and lives are being lost because of the LNT model and unjustified fear of low-dose radiation.