Today: 14.May.2021

James Conca - Why don’t politicians ever talk about nuclear energy? Except for Nikki Haley or Barbara Boxer firing up their bases, there is no serious political discussion about nuclear power. And when there is, it’s all fear and doom, contrary to reality.

Published in USA

Ramón Cruz has a story about growing up in poverty in the Dominican Republic and deciding to study nuclear engineering in the United States. It is a tremendous success story with many interesting personal details.

Published in Youth

India’s primary energy consumption more than doubled between 1990 and 2011 to nearly 25,000 PJ. India's dependence on imported energy resources and the inconsistent reform of the energy sector are challenges to satisfying rising demand.

Published in India

The South African government has announced that an additional 9600 MegaWatts of nuclear power will be added to the South African electricity grid. The intention is to do this as soon as possible.

Published in Africa