Today: 14.May.2021

Michel Gay: Regardons d'un peu plus près ce jugement "sans appel" qui nécessite d'être nuancé: Les aspects économiques, Les risques, La corruption, La pollution, La dépendance de l’étranger, Une industrie non adaptée à un monde qui change, La délocalisation des emplois. Lorsque des comparaisons objectives et des présentations transparentes seront disponibles, alors, comme pour le nucléaire régit par les principes de la loi « Transparence et sureté nucléaire », ce sera clair, aussi, pour les énergies renouvelables.

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Bruno Comby, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear: The subject of nuclear waste is often discussed in public debates on energy, and is used by some environmental groups to oppose nuclear energy. Such opposition is not backed by any solid scientific facts. This article proposes a new insight, from an environmental perspective, on the nuclear waste issue. Nuclear waste has undeniable environmental benefits: it is produced in relatively small amounts. It is not disposed of in the open and is almost totally confined. It is very easy to ensure protection from identified sources of radiation. Unlike with other highly toxic stable chemical and industrial waste matter, the toxicity of reprocessed radioactive waste decreases very rapidly in an exponential manner with time, returning to the natural level of radioactivity of the original ore after only 5000 years. Safe, simple and efficient solutions exist to make nuclear waste inert by vitrification and to isolate the waste from the biosphere until it is no longer toxic.

Published in France

John Holdren, Science Advior to President Barack Obama: For Holdren, the two toughest problems are 1) transportation with less oil. 2) economic aspirations with less CO2.

The role of nuclear energy: Holdren is a life-long Ivory Tower academic completely against breeder uranium technology. He doesn't consider thorium nuclear technology. These two technologies can power all the world's energy needs for as long as the sun heats the Earth and makes it habitable, Physics Professor Bernard Cohen. John Holdren sticks with today's nuclear technology that uses about 1% of the potential energy. He prohibits spent fuel reprocessing, thus keeping a requirement for very long term storage of LWR use fuel. See slides 45 to 58. He claims that his support for existing LWR nuclear technology IS support for nuclear. In reality he is blocking 99% of the potential energy in uranium and all of the nuclear energy in thorium. That is more like anti-nuclear than being pro-nuclear.

Michael Connolly, Ronan Connolly, Imelda Connolly, Willie Soon, Patrick Moore - Patrick has been a leader in the international environmental field for more than 30 years. He was a founding member of Greenpeace. In 1989, Michael and Imelda set up and ran the Republic of Ireland’s National Aquarium to promote awareness and interest in both the beauty and fragility of the ocean’s ecosystems. Michael and Ronan have both been actively involved in the research and development of ethical, sustainable and commercially viable methods for a) fish farming, b) reducing water pollution and c) energy conservation. Willie has dedicated his career to scientific research and has published peer-reviewed scientific papers in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, climate science and environmentalism.

Greenpeace have successfully created a public perception that they are fighting to protect humanity, nature and the environment from the evils of corrupt industries and vested interests. As we will discuss in this report, the reality is almost exactly the opposite...

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