Today: 19.Jun.2021

Craig Rucker, CFACT: Wind turbine installations impact vast amounts of habitat and crop land. Offshore wind turbines impact vast stretches of lake or ocean and like ships will not the worst ocean storms. Arizona’s Palo Verde nuclear plant generates 3,750 megawatts of electricity from a 4,000-acre site. The 600-MW John Turk ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plant in Arkansas covers 2,900 acres; gas-fired units like Calpine’s 560-MW Fox Energy Center require several hundred acres. All generate reliable power 90-95% of the year.

Published in USA

Holger Douglas: Der Stromverbraucher muss für jenen »grünen« Strom zahlen, der gar nicht erzeugt wird, weil in die Netze wirklich nichts mehr passt oderweil noch keine Leitungen gebaut sind, um den Strom abzutransportieren. Doch den Betreibern sind 20 Jahre Einnahmen garantiert - ob sie Strom liefern oder nicht. [The electricity consumer must pay for electricity produced by wind turbines no matter if it is produced or not, can not be used, or is produced, but there are no transmission lines to deliver to customers. Environmental extremist law at its worst.]

Published in Germany

Catrina Rorke, R Street: With the recently announced planned retirements of nuclear facilities in Illinois and California, nearly 10 percent of the U.S. nuclear-energy fleet either already has closed or is scheduled to close within the next 16 years. Worse, there are no plans to replace them or add new plants. Similar in Germany and soon also in Switzerland. France wisely planned to replace their nuclear power plants. Russia and China are going ahead with nuclear power for the long term future.

Published in USA

Tom Tamarkin: In the early 1970s a course of action was developed by the United States Government which should have provided the American citizens and the entire world with such an unlimited, inexpensive, source of energy . . . controlled nuclear fusion energy . . . on-line and powering the electrical grids world wide by 2005. Unfortunately this did not happen. This article takes a critical look at why this science and technology was incorrectly discredited by politicians and the scientifically lay.

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