Today: 21.Apr.2021

John Shanahan, Civil Engineer, President of Go Nuclear, Inc. and Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy - USA outlines the most likely, practical and beneficial main energy partnership for the future. Others take radically different views, little to no fossil fuels, limited to no nuclear. He thinks these views will have a tremendous negative impact on humanity and the environment. There are many authors and papers on and websites to read and decide for yourself.

Rauli Partanen, independent author on energy and its role in the environment and modern society. Nuclear power in Sweden has become uneconomical. Wholesale prices of electricity in Sweden have been much lower than the break even price for nuclear generation. Electricity has been sold at a record low price of €20 per megawatt hour (MWh), while the cost of generating nuclear power has been in the same ballpark, or even slightly higher. In addition, the Swedish government has set a tax on nuclear power, which has been steadily rising. After the latest hike, it amounts to about a third of the wholesale price, roughly €7 per MWh.

Published in UK

Atul Loke - Developing countries that already have a high share of renewable energy in their power mix are unlikely to grow this share further due to skyrocketing demand for cheap electricity.

Published in UK

Wade Allison, Professor Emeritus of Physics, Oxford University - This book expands on the message of Radiation and Reason (2009) following the Fukushima accident (2011). It is a broader study of the historical, cultural and scientific interactions of radiation with life; it asks why society takes such a cautious view of nuclear technology; it looks at the effects of nuclear accidents and other radiation exposures; it looks at the efficacy of safety, as provided by nature and as imposed by regulation; it explains how biological evolution prepared life to survive exposures to low and moderate levels of radiation; it asks if nuclear energy would be expensive, if normal levels of information, education, safety and design were applied.