Today: 21.Apr.2021

Ted Rockwell, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, was a passionate pioneer for nuclear energy. He has the following to say about modern wind turbines and wind farms.

Published in USA

Book Brief: Alan Waltar, "AMERICA THE POWERLESS." This is an excellent book that is still in print. We encourage people everywhere to read it. There are four cases for nuclear power today:

1) countries going ahead with plentiful new nuclear power plants

2) countries operating nuclear power plants but not adding many more

3) countries getting out of nuclear power

4) countries that don't have nuclear power yet

Reading this book is important to people everywhere.

Published in USA

Gerald Marsh, retired nuclear physicist from Argonne National Laboratory presents his views on the science of Man-Made Global Warming and impact on economy and energy security.

Calvin Beisner, Cornwall Energy Alliance: This article clearly explains the importance of fossil fuels for people around the world, especially for those outside the First World without sufficient, reliable electrical energy and for those in the First World who can't afford to pay winter utility bills, because of politically mandated, very costly, unreliable wind and solar generated electricity.

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