Today: 17.May.2021

Roy W. Spencer is Principal Research Scientist in Climatology in the University of Alabama’s National Space Science & Technology Center. Approximately 200,000 people have died due to global terrorism in the last 10 years.During the same time, many millions of people (mostly women and children) have died due to policies promoted by Greenpeace and other “green” organizations (e.g. anti-DDT, anti-golden rice, anti-fossil fuel).

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Kelvin Kemm, CEO of Nuclear Africa. is focusing on helping the economies of South Africa, countries around Africa and similar countries in Asia and South America develop sound plans for nuclear energy. This is the home page of Nuclear Africa. It has excellent articles by outstanding scientists and engineers for easy reading by the public around the world.

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John Shanahan, President of Go Nuclear and President of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy - USA. Presentation to the Denver Mining Club: Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy and all their by-products are Important for Humanity and the Environment.

Patricia Adams is an economist and the executive director of Probe International, a Toronto-based NGO that has been involved in the Chinese environmental movement since its nascency in the mid-1980s. She has drawn upon her more than three decades of China expertise to produce a comprehensive, well-researched and well-documented report covering a myriad of climate- and energy-related topics, as well as important insights into China’s motivations for its policies. Ms Adams, a founder of the World Rainforest Movement and the International Rivers Network, has testified before Congressional and Parliamentary Committees in the US and Canada. Source: