Today: 01.Apr.2020

James Hatem, Watts Up With That? With all the talk about the warming glaciers in the Alps, someone needs to explain this temperature reconstruction showing that summer temperatures in the French Alps are the coldest they have been in 2000 years.

Published in France

Diego Ortiz, writer for the BBC: He describes "ten simple changes to help save the planet." Most people understand that the world is much better off with fossil fuels than without them. There are some who absolutely want to get rid of fossil fuels. They (from Rome and Potsdam to Hollywood and Sacramento) say that the world can be saved with a few simple changes. For the sake of people everywhere, lets hope that clearer, smarter heads will prevail.

Published in BBC

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon: He announced a massive new campaign to help save the Earth from climate change. The world's richest man has announced he is launching the Bezos Earth Fund with $10 billion of his own money to kick things off. He stressed that "climate change is the biggest threat to our planet." The Bezos Earth Fund will provide grants to scientists, activists, non-governmental organizations, and other campaigns that fight the impact of climate change.

Douglas Cotton, physicist: The true cause of climate change is explained in just six pages in this article. It will blow your mind and show you how foolish you have been to believe the false "science" in the biggest hoax in history which claims that one molecule of the colorless gas carbon DIOXIDE in every 2,500 other air molecules controls climate. In fact it is variations in cosmic ray intensity which control the extent of cloud cover (and thus temperatures) which is the main cause and climate follows cycles because the gravity of planets deflects the paths of these cosmic rays that come from beyond the Solar System. Editor, John Shanahan's Note: Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, President Obama's Science Advisor - John Holdren, Michael Mann, James Hansen, Pope Francis, their peers, followers and many others are very wrong. Stopping use of fossil fuels would be a disaster as bad as global war. Physicist Douglas Cotton explains climate science and what energy we should use very well.

Published in Australia