Today: 01.Apr.2020

S. Fred Singer, professor emeritus at the University of Virginia and director of the Science and Environmental Policy Project. Gerald E. Marsh, a retired physicist from Argonne National Laboratory - Many people believe that wind and solar energy are essential for replacing nonrenewable fossil fuels. They also believe that wind and solar are unique in providing energy that’s carbon-free and inexhaustible. A closer look shows that such beliefs are based on illusions and wishful thinking.

Viv Forbes, Executive Director of the Saltbush Club which opposes the war on carbon energy, opposes real pollution, and promotes the rational and sustainable use of carbon energy and carbon food. Perhaps never before in history have so many people fallen for such a scientifically wrong idea that will cost billions of lives and destroy their own civilization. But millions of people and now school children insist that use of fossil fuels is causing catastrophic man-made global warming and sea level rise. Curious that most of these alarmists live in North America and Europe that fought the brain-washing of the Communist system. The alarmist followers go along like numb hypnotized persons. This may cost humanity its existence as the modern world knows it. Particularly shocking are advocates and experts in nuclear energy who promote it claiming that fossil fuels are causing climate catastrophe.

Uli Weber, geophysicist and author of Klimahysterie ist keine Loesung: From 2020 onwards, the industrialized nations of the world want to spend 100 billion US dollars annually on a " Green Climate Fund " to the rest of the world - in gratitude for their signature under the Paris climate treaty to the global decarbonization up to the year 2100. Just to fulfill our pecuniary climate obligations from this "Green Climate Fund", we are no longer able to avoid a CO 2 tax with falling tax revenues. And the next global UN octopus is already in the starting blocks to spread the last of our economic resources for alleged biodiversity conservation across the globe.

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James Conca, scientist in the field of earth and environmental sciences. Contributor to Forbes: Through thick and thin, extreme hot or extreme cold, Columbia Generating Station nuclear power plant in Richland, Washington, USA never seems to stop producing over 9 billion kWhs of energy every year, enough to power Seattle. The same with all other nuclear plants in America. Not exactly the same with fossil fuels, wind and solar. Nuclear power plants have more design requirements for extremes of weather and catastrophes natural and man-made than fossil fuel, wind and solar generating stations. Which do you want? How important is continuous electrical power for you?