Today: 14.Jul.2020

Roger Higgs, geologist, Founder, Geoclastica Ltd. First four of 27 points - 1) The IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has no geologists among the 100s of authors of its last major report (2013-14). Thus IPCC focuses on only the last 150 years (since thermometer records began, ~1850), yet Earth is 30 million (sic) times older, 2) The IPCC’s very existence relies on public belief in man-made global warming (AGW) by CO2. 3) The claimed “97% consensus among scientists” that AGW exists is a deception. 4) No educated person ‘denies’ modern global warming. Global warming deniers’ is a deceitful term for man-made global warming doubters & deniers (most of the world’s scientists?).

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Roger Higgs, geologist, Founder, Geoclastica Ltd. From November 2016 until now (July 2019), I have spent most of my time conducting self-funded (thus UNBIASED) exhaustive literature research on ALL sciences relevant to climate- and sea-level change, e.g. geophysics, glaciology, oceanography, astrophysics, meteorology, archaeology and especially geology (the most relevant science of all, entirely neglected by the UNITED NATIONS Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC), as opposed to just 'climate science. My three overriding conclusions will surprise you: (1) metre-scale sea-level rise is coming (3 to 5 m between now and 2100, perhaps even as soon as 2050); (2) the responsible global warming (melting Antarctic glaciers) was caused by the sun (not CO2); and (3) warming ended in 2016, but Antarctic melting will continue ‘ocean memory.’

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WND Staff: Within the past few years, more than 50 papers have been added to a compilation of scientific studies that refute the primary claim of climate-change activists that CO2 causes global warming. The papers compiled by the NoTricksZone website, now numbering 106, find that CO2 has a minuscule effect on climate.

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John Shanahan, Civil Engineer, Editor of and One simple graph of carbon dioxide emissions versus poverty and prosperity would make most people understand the tremendous importance of fossil fuels. But extremists using the motto of save the world from catastrophic climate disruption demand that humanity abandon the most important thing for the modern world, namely plentiful, reliable, has many uses and by-products, fossil fuels. There is going to be a struggle to keep the modern world.