Today: 21.Apr.2021

Michael Shellenberger, Founder-President of Environmental Progress: Global demand for electricity is set to rise 70% over the next 25 years. New nuclear reactor components can increasingly be mass-manufactured in factories and shipped around the world for reassembly on site. What’s at stake is a market worth $500 to $740 billion over the next decade and hundreds of thousands of high-skill and high-wage jobs. This essay applies to America and other countries who promote nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, and nuclear science for peaceful purposes. This new Atoms for Peace effort could inspire and unite the world around something almost everyone wants: cheap, clean energy and its beneficial and very valuable by-products and services.

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Adelino de Santi Junior is a biologist with Nuclear Industries of Brazil: He compares nuclear power with many other energy sources. He focuses on the topic of CO2 from fossil fuels, but his arguments apply to many other issues when evaluating different energy sources. This website presents articles by people with different views about man-made global warming as long as the author is generally respectful toward people with other views. In some cases we present views by intolerant authors, only to show our audiences what is happening. Thanks for your great leadership, Adelino.

Dhruv Dharamshi: This is an award winning student paper at the World Nuclear University, Nuclear Olympiad, 2016. This paper addresses using nuclear energy in the fight against climate change. Dr. Theodore Rockwell pointed out that nuclear energy will be very important for humanity for climate change from all sources. Many scientists consider the main sources of climate change to be the sun and other natural sources. This is an outstanding student paper. It advocates employing nuclear energy for many serious challenges for humanity, nature and the environment, not just man-made carbon dioxide.

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Dhruv Dharamshi, Jeet Sah, Jagriti Dhingra, Sonakshi singh Pundir, Nuclear Engineering students at Amity University, India: The idea is - to unite all students in the nuclear community on a single platform – to form the World Nuclear Student Body (WNSB). Given that the nuclear community is a small one, the project is realistic, with innumerable possibilities. Apart from the networking and educational aspects of such a platform, it would offer a level playing field for students to display their skills at an international level.

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