Today: 21.Apr.2021

Pat Boone, Tom Tamarkin: This letter to Pope Francis is about Anthropogenic Global Warming and our energy choices: wind, solar, fossil fuels, and nuclear with focus on nuclear fusion. Tragically the AGW concept has created corrupt conditions. This represents the worst side of economic imperialism: monies being taken from the people and redistributed to governments, institutions and corporations based on politics as opposed to science and solid economics.

Published in USA

Howard Cork Hayden is an emeritus professor of physics from the University of Connecticut. The Energy Advocate, TEA, is his monthly publication about many topics related to energy. This article has excerpts from the September, 2016 edition about nuclear energy and the star gymnast in the 2016 Olympics. Each issue is packed with interesting essays for students, teachers, parents, and the public. To order TEA, see instructions in this article.

Published in USA

Two outstanding leaders in the movement to encourage people everywhere to respect the environment, Patrick Moore, Co-Founder of Greenpeace (now estranged from this organization) and Bruno Comby, Founder-President of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy - International, enjoyed a wilderness experience with members of their families in Canada. They discussed the role of natural nuclear energy in Earth's history.

Published in Canada

The American Interest: Germany’s much-ballyhooed green energy transition—its energiewende—has run up quite a tab, and policymakers are having trouble figuring out who is actually going to pay for the policies. In an attempt to kick-start fledgling renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, Berlin guaranteed producers locked-in, long-term, above-market rates called feed-in tariffs. To their credit, this plan of pushing technologies of dubious merit at any cost worked, perhaps too well

Published in Germany