Today: 17.May.2021

Holman Jenkins, WSJ - A defective radiation-risk standard holds back our most important low-carbon energy source - nuclear power. What keeps nuclear costs high? The “linear no-threshold” model of radiation risk has become the world’s go-to standard for nuclear safety, source of repeated (and unfulfilled) forecasts of thousands of cancer deaths from Chernobyl or Fukushima. LNT is why nuclear plants shoulder artificially huge costs not to protect against accidents, but to protect against trivial emissions.

Published in USA

David R. Grimes,physicist and cancer researcher at Oxford University. Thirty years has passed since events in Chernobyl, while Japan marks the fifth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster. We need more than ever to have a reasoned discussion on the issues. It is important also to see these disasters in the wider context of energy production: when the Banqiao hydroelectric dam failed in China in 1975 it led to at least 171000 deaths and displaced 11 million people. Our reliance on fossil fuels is particularly costly, not only to the environment but to human health; each year, at least 1.3 million people are estimated to die from air pollution. Shutdown of the plants in Japan has led to not only increased pollution, but rolling blackouts and protests. By contrast, France has for decades produced 75% of its energy through nuclear, and enjoys the cleanest air and among the lowest carbon emissions of any industrialised nature.

Published in UK

Alexander Merten, Lyu Chang - Rosatom, the Russian State Atomic Energy Corp, is seeking to hit big in China's nuclear industry with the opening of a regional center headquartered in Beijing - April 2016. The company is not only planning to build more new reactors with its long-standing partner China National Nuclear Corp, but is also expected to expand its business into "non-nuclear activities" such as agriculture, organic chemicals and nuclear medicine. What we are able to provide to our clients is a whole package deal from uranium enrichment, nuclear fuel assembly, construction of nuclear power plants to the fuel reprocessing, and I think that is not something that our rivals can provide.

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Jovenes Nucleares de España, Sociedad Nuclear Española, - One of the main goals of Spanish Young Generation (JJNN) is to spread knowledge about nuclear energy, not only pointing out its advantages and its role in our society, but also trying to correct some of the ideas that are due to the biased information and to the lack of knowledge. With this goal in mind, lectures were given in several high schools, aimed at students ranging from 14 to 18 years old. This paper explains the experience accumulated during those talks and the conclusions that can be drawn, so as to better focus the communication about nuclear energy, especially the one aimed at a young public.

Published in Spain