Today: 19.Jun.2021

Charles Till led a team of thousands of scientists, engineers and technicians in the 1980s up to 1994 in the successful development of one of the world's greatest technologies for producing electricity only to have the project stopped by President Clinton and behind the scenes anti-nuclear activists, non-profits, industry and the government. This is surely one of the greatest reversals ever in modern civilisation. China, Russia and other countries are NOT following the example set by President Clinton and they will be far better for it.

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Daniel Meneley has created this presentation for middle school and high school students. Very well done. Lets get it into the hands of teachers and students.

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Senator Lamar Alexander has been a supporter of nuclear power for decades. In this recent report, he describes what the United States will be like if we don't start building nuclear power plants, resolving what to do with spent nuclear fuel, and how to manage the actual waste after recycling fuel in fast reactors.

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Daniel Meneley's summary of fossil fuel and nuclear energy sources for generating electricity for world needs is very succinct and complete.

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