Today: 21.Apr.2021

Lucjan Pypno, Nuclear Energy Advocate - Nuclear energy is like Cinderella; despite the fact that it does a great and hard job (supplying our civilization with clean and reliable energy), the majority of the population see it as something “dirty” (radioactive) or in the best case as a “necessary evil”. But there is good news for our Cinderella; “the prince” (in this role our civilization) is looking to marry a “princess” (an energy source) whose foot would fit a “golden slipper” - which has been lost during the development of our industrial civilization.

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Mary Claire Birdsong wrote a poem dedicated to pioneers in nuclear energy. It was included in a 90th Birthday message to Dr. Theodore Rockwell.

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Retired Engineering Manager Theo Schaub is one of many leaders in nuclear energy in Switzerland. In retirement, he walked the network of paths across Europe that lead to Santiago de Compostela. Everyone would benefit from basing their ideas for a better world on facts, science and engineering and spending time outdoors appreciating the beauty of nature.

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