Today: 13.Aug.2020

The American Nuclear Society gives no indication it reviewed papers showing that carbon dioxide, the molecule of life, is NOT a pollutant. More nuclear plants will not have much effect on climate change if it is mostly a natural phenomenon. Poor countries with weak governments and economies shouldn't be managing nuclear power plants. They should be using fossil fuels and growing their economies. The ANS infers that expansion of nuclear power has to proceed quickly, if they are supposedly going to reverse man-made global warming. Given the history of nuclear power in the USA, it is certain that nuclear power just in America will not be anything close to 100% in the next 100 years? The U.S. program is in complete shambles. As long as organizations like Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and Natural Resource Defense Council are going strong, nuclear will not have a resurgence. Nuclear power grew to 20% in fifty years in the USA. There are no plans to replace existing plants with new ones, much less increase nuclear's share.

These people and organizations advocate use of nuclear power based solely on the benefits it offers. They do not attack fossil fuels claiming catastrophic global warming and sea-level rise. Those things happen naturally and we must be prepared with all the energy we can access. Nuclear power must only be used by nations and organizations who can take good care of it. Not by nations struggling from day to day with bad governments.

These people and organizations advocate use of nuclear power as a solution to supposed catastrophic man-made global warming and man-made sea-level rise. Because they claim nuclear power can reverse man-made global warming, they also claim that the whole world can be using nuclear energy in about fifty years. The claims on everything here are not close to reality. This is a big disappointment for real nuclear power.

Nuclear power is "irreplaceable" and international cooperation in the technology "indispensible" in reducing global CO2 emissions, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) President Jun Gu told delegates at the International Atomic Energy Agency's International Conference on Climate Change and the Role of Nuclear Power yesterday in Vienna. Of the 449 reactor units in operation in 30 countries today, 47 are in China. At nearly 50 GWe, they place the country in third ranking in terms of installed nuclear generating capacity. China also has 11 units under construction with an installed capacity of about 12 GWe, ranking the country first in the world in that respect,

Published in China