Today: 13.Aug.2020

Florencia de los Angeles Renteria del Toro, nuclear scientist, PhD candidate at Harbin Engineering University, China: In my journey in education, I have been participating in projects that help to develop and optimize technology in different countries. My area of expertise is Nuclear Reactor Design and, during my master’s program, I worked in the design of a new reactor in South Korea which would implement a new nuclear fuel management strategy for the fuel utilization and optimization in the production of electricity. Currently, I am working with Nuclear Energy Systems developed in China on the application of Artificial Neural Networks to Loading Pattern determination. Science and technology are pillars upon which to develop society and educate future generations.

Published in Mexico

John Shanahan, civil engineer, editor Presentation to Richland, Washington Rotary Club May 2020. Introduction to website:, videos about nuclear energy, radioisotopes and nuclear medicine. Recommendations for the future.

Published in USA

This report was produced by the same organization that managed America's failed nuclear energy policies for most of the last 50 years. Where are we today? The first round of commercial nuclear power plants are nearing end of licensed life or closing early due to matters beyond their control. There is no official plan of what to do with the used nuclear fuel, except store it on site for decades and ultimately lock it away in the ground. There is no plan to replace existing nuclear power plants with new ones, like has so wisely been done in France. There is very little progress to develop new nuclear technologies and use thorium also as a fuel source. Licensing is bizarrely expensive and long. There is no plan for used fuel reprocessing and using depleted uranium that can produce nuclear fuel worth trillions of dollars. There is little onshore enrichment capability. This report doesn't mention these long neglected problems, much less solve them. It is issued by a Secretary of Energy who has almost no experience in energy in general and nuclear energy in particular. What is needed is qualified, committed leadership in the Department of Energy and solid, long-term backing in Congress and the White House to keep nuclear power at the forefront generation after generation for the very long term.

Bruno Comby, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear: 120 billion euros have been wasted in France in recent years, just before the country is entering a major financial crisis caused by the COVID 19 virus and a violent economic recession. This is the total cost of the existing program for wind and solar in France. The money would have been better spent using half of that amount (60 billion €) on building 15 to 20 brand new modern hospitals and upgrading the excellent but with a constantly decreasing budget health care system. Instead the French government prefers to halt operations at the highly profitable, recently modernized (post-Fukushima) NPP of Fessenheim, and announces another 12 similar NPP closures, based on absolutely no technical or safety issue.

Published in France