Today: 21.Apr.2021

Gwyneth Cravens. With the help of scientist, Dr. Rip Anderson, author Gwyneth Cravens spent years learning first hand the facts about nuclear energy and unlearning the myths that guided her as an anti-nuclear power activist earlier in life. With the help of many scientists and engineers, she does an excellent job in her book, this PowerPoint Presentation and in speaking engagements to help the public learn about the facts and benefits of nuclear energy. Congratulations for this excellent PowerPoint Presentation. Thanks. Go Nuclear, Inc.

Published in USA

Michel Lung - PRIMO, Why do we have to speak of energy? Because air, water and energy are absolutely essential for human life.

Published in France

Michel Lung et Bruno Comby - Les spécialistes estiment auourd'hui que, d'ici une cinquantaine d'années, la population mondiale passera de 6 à 8-10 milliards d'habitants, pour plafonner ou même décroître ensuite. En revanche, la demande d'énergie doublera et celle d'électricité triplera. A l'inverse, pétrole et gaz se raréfieront, deviendront plus chers, et seront l'enjeu de grandes tensions entre les nations.

Published in France

Daniel Meneley's summary of fossil fuel and nuclear energy sources for generating electricity for world needs is very succinct and complete.

Published in Canada