Today: 21.Apr.2021

Peter Heller, physicist: Climate protection has been high on the political agenda for three decades. In Germany, voters are no longer resisting a parliament in which an oversized coalition of the Union, the SPD, the Greens, the Left, and the FDP sunk the nation's wealth into planned energy, transport, and agricultural activities. People no longer argue about whether to ban Germans from flying or driving, but only how to succeed most effectively. It is no longer necessary to ask whether de-industrialization is wise, but only whether it can be speeded up with a carbon tax, with a regime of steadily tightened limit values or better with a forced increase in prices and emission rights.

Published in Germany

David Attenborough, nature and climate change documentary producer. Andrew Montford, writer for “Tragedy porn” is now a standard green propaganda technique. First of all you need a victim. Animals – preferably fluffy ones, and preferably with large eyes – are ideal, but people will do at a pinch. Then you have to film them in the process of dying or otherwise suffering. A presenter or scientist needs to be on hand to describe the events, preferably choking away their tears. Then you blame global warming.

Published in UK

John Eidson, electrical engineer: Despite what the people who try to frighten kids say, it doesn’t look like polar bears are being wiped out by anything. They’ve been around for a long, long time, including many periods when Earth was much warmer than it is today. These big white bears are resilient animals that have always known how to figure things out when there’s less ice.

Published in USA

John Eidson, electrical engineer: The people who try to scare kids about global warming say that picture shows that polar bears are starving due to melting Arctic ice that’s driving away seals, their primary food source. Maybe the bear was so old that it could no longer hunt. Maybe its mother died before she could teach it how to find other prey when the local seal population migrates. Or maybe the people who took that picture went to the Arctic on a mission to find a skinny polar bear to photograph no matter how long it took. Alternate possibilities for that bear’s condition are never mentioned by the people who lead kids to think that a picture of a skinny polar bear is proof that global warming is destroying the planet.

Published in USA