Today: 03.Mar.2021

Darrell Fisher, nuclear engineering scientist (medical physics, health physics): The ICRP set the public dose limit too low at 1 mSv/year. Science does not support the need for a public dose limit below 5 mSv/year, either on the basis of epidmiology or radiation biology. The high cost of regulatory compliance to tax-payers and commercial entities is prohibitive.

Wade Allison, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom: Public support for nuclear energy. Choosing source of energy. Biology's defence strategy. Defence against an oxidative attack. Animals at Chernobyl unaware of radiation but with complete cellular protection. Benefiting from absence of humans! Evidently the curse that damaged human lives came from regulations, not radiation. Recommendations: Reinstate the use of a threshold dose rate for Radiation Protection, for instance 50 mGy per month (ICRP 1934). Cease reference to accumulated and collective dose. Teach children how life is protected by natural mechanisms. Reduce cost of nuclear technology by ensuring that all safety provision is based on science. Explain that Radon in the natural environment is not a danger. Explain that radioactive waste by available technology is no problem

John Dunn, MD, JD:Is it time for the USEPA to reconsider the use of the LNT model in LDDR radiation environments in the regulatory process, especially in the tools it has developed to determine cleanup levels? We have presented scientific information addressing this question. Change does not occur quickly or easily within government frameworks. It took decades of institutional inertia to arrive at the current irresponsible and unscientific regulatory framework. Source from

Leon Louw, Co-Founder Free Market Foundation, Licensing Director for Nuclear Africa, Bonne Posma, Chairman, Nuclear Africa: The nature and risks of nuclear radiation are widely misunderstood from the most advanced society to the least sophisticated societies. Many view nuclear radiation as they view ghosts and spirits. People who fear what they regard as ominous phenomena generally have difficulty explaining why. This facilitates the promotion by scaremongers of irrational fear. Although low-level radiation turned out to be harmless, or even beneficial, LNT remained entrenched wisdom. The effect has been to drive up nuclear power costs substantially if not prohibitively thus retarding the advance of nuclear power globally, especially in Africa and other developing areas where nuclear power could improve lives and socio-economic conditions dramatically.