Today: 21.Apr.2021

Euan Mearns, Geologist, Ferruccio Ferroni, Energy Consultant, Robert Hopkirk, Engineering Research & Development, Switzerland: Euan Mearns (UK) presents the paper by Ferrucio Ferroni and Robert Hopkirk (Switzerland) about energy return on energy invested for solar photovoltaic energy used in Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom. Euan Mearns engages blogers on his website who are confident that they are more qualified than F. Ferroni and R. Hopkirk in Switzerland in knowing about solar PV energy. There are three kinds of learning science: a) the science sources themselves, b) the science sources with students in a classroom, and c) the science sources and "bloggers" on the Internet. We encourage everyone to learn and decide for yourselves. Switzerland has many fine scientists and engineers, no matter what these bloggers say. Starting with Paracelsus in the early 1500s, to Albert Einstein in the early 1900s and today's engineers and scientists in nuclear energy and nuclear science.

Published in UK

Ferruccio Ferroni, Energy Consultant, Robert Hopkirk, Engineering Research & Development, Switzerland: Photovoltaic power sources in regions of moderate insolation are analyzed using the concept of Energy Return on Energy Invested (ERoEI or EROI. The results for regions of moderate insolation levels such as Switzerland and Germany indicate that at today's state of development, PV technology cannot offer an energy source but a NET ENERGY LOSS. Our advanced societies can only continue to develop if a surplus of energy is available, but it has become clear that photovoltaic energy at least will not help in any way to replace fossil fuels.

Published in Switzerland

Robert Bryce, author of “Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper,” captures the headlong rush of Western culture’s endless drive for ever better technology. It is an extraordinary impulse that has created a world in which more people live longer and more comfortably than ever before. Mr. Bryce’s policy prescriptions will be more welcome in Houston than in the White House. He contends that the pantheon of environmentalists like Mr. Gore, Bill McKibben, Amory Lovins and Greenpeace are wildly optimistic in their extravagant hopes for wind power, solar cells and biofuels.

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Bruno Comby, ingénieur nucléaire, nuclear engineer: L’EPR est le moyen de production d’électricité à la fois le plus puissant (1600 MW), le plus avancé (haute technologie), le plus écologique (pas de rejets atmosphériques, nécessitant le moins de matériaux de construction par kWh), le plus durable (60 à 80 ans), le plus performant au monde (production à pleine puissance plus de 90% du temps). The EPR is the means of electricity production more powerful (1600 MW) , most advanced ( high-tech ), most environmentally friendly ( no air emissions, requiring less per kWh construction materials), most durable ( 60-80 years), most efficient in the world (at full power output over 90% of the time).

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