Today: 02.Jul.2020

Brendan McNamara, physicist, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - UK: The only option considered for Spent Fuel by the British government is in a Deep Geological Disposal Facility with vast chambers 1 km down. The government plans to ask communities around U.K. to allow a GDF to be built in their constituency or Parish. Spent Fuel is 95% Unspent Fuel. Madness!

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John Kutsch, Executive Director Thorium Energy Alliance: The potential for use of thorium was studied extensively during the 1950s and 60s. Now worldwide interest is being revived due to limitations and issues concerning safety, economics, use and issues in the availability of other energy sources. TEA advocates thorium based nuclear power in existing reactors and primarily in next generation reactors. TEA promotes many initiatives to educate scientists, engineers, government officials, policymakers and the general public.

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James Kennedy, President at ThREE Consulting & ThREEM3, John Kutsch, President, Thorium Energy Alliance: This is a discussion about thorium nuclear energy by experts in Canada, South Africa and the United States.

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Gary Young, mechanical engineer, major product development manager - Before retirement, he worked on product development that significantly contributed to profitability of a global technology company. In this series of articles titled "A Galactic Visitor's Essay," he uses a fictional galactic visitor to let his outstanding technical knowledge and practical experience describe important new ways to use existing nuclear power technologies that can solve many problems existing today in nuclear power and energy needs in general. It is meant to be fun reading for the informed general public, students, and government leadership.

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