Calculating the full costs of electrifying everything using only wind solar and batteries

Francis Menton
Manhattan Contrarian
The full cost of everything should include mining minerals, manufacturing, transporting to site, construction, operation, transmission lines to consumers, decommisioning or removal after destruction by nature, disposal.

For several years now, advocates of “decarbonizing” our energy system, along with promoters of wind and solar energy, have claimed that the cost of electricity from the wind and sun was dropping rapidly and either already was, or soon would be, less than the cost of generating the same electricity from fossil fuels.

Ken Gregory came out with a Report at a Canadian website called Friends of Science with the title “The Cost of Net Zero Electrification of the U.S.A.” Gregory provides a tentative number for the additional storage costs that could be necessary for full electrification of the United States system, with all current fossil fuel generation replaced by wind and solar. That number is $433 trillion.


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