Ronald Stein
Heartland Institute
Nature is more marvelous than many governments.

Divesting in crude oil supplies that provides products and fuels for continuously increasing demands by consumers, guarantees shortages and inflation on society.

The only good thing about solar power is that it would ground Air Force One!

Yes, the cost of crude oil is the main driving force for fuel prices, BUT Biden’s “we are going to get rid of fossil fuels” is driving up the cost of crude!

Biden often cites the Russia-Ukraine War, and the loss of a few percent of Russian crude as the cause of fuel prices rising, BUT Biden continues to do everything possible to rid all crude oil from society.

Under Biden’s goal and actions to restrict the supply of oil to be manufactured, while demand is increasing for the products manufactured from crude oil, refineries are SUPPOSED to be making outlandish profits!

Refineries only manufacture crude oil into derivatives that make products for the increasing demands for fuels and products by society. Besides the more than 6,000 products enjoyed by wealthy countries, the fuels that are manufactured to meet the growing demands to operate the 50,000 jets and 50,000 merchant ships and space program.

Society demands are increasing concurrently with Biden restricting the supply of crude oil to manufacture. As simple as 1+1=2, when you have growing demands for the products manufactured from crude oil and restrict the supply to manufacture those products, Biden is guaranteeing shortage and inflation on whatever is manufactured!


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