Clean Energy Dirtier Than Imagined

Donn Dears
The most important material resource in peace and war is energy! Certain oligarchs in North America and Europe demand that these regions, Africa, and India abandon fossil fuels and nuclear power. They are our worst enemies. Yes, we have some very serious other enemies. Will the governments in North America and Europe, and their people survive????

Wind and solar consume far more critical materials than nuclear, NGCC, and coal-fired power plants.

The mining, processing, and transporting of critical materials adversely affect the environment.

Most of these materials are mined in developing countries where environmental harm will be far worse because they have fewer environmental regulations than do developed countries.

Therefore, nuclear, NGCC, and coal-fired power plants will do substantially less damage to the environment than will the use of wind and PV solar.

Many of the critical materials that go into wind and solar structures become lost to the world forever. This is a national security hazard.


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