Bill Clinton gives the breeder reactor the ax

James Tyson
The Christian Science Monitor

James Tyson, The Christian Science Monitor: Although Yoon Chang has mastered the arcana of atomic nuclei, the award-winning nuclear engineer is left scratching his head over his fickle treatment by the federal government. The government on February 14, 1994 awarded Dr. Chang the prestigious E. O. Lawrence Prize for his leadership in the effort to achieve safe, efficient, and low-waste nuclear energy through the Integral Fast Reactor (IFR). But the applause for Chang at the Department of Energy barely hid the rude fact that, just a week before, President Clinton in the 1995 federal budget had axed Chang's program to develop the IFR as a next-generation nuclear reactor.“I can't see how the US would just turn away from development of a technology like the IFR,'' says Chang.


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