Is man-made global warming argument good for nuclear?

Y Socol, M Yanovsky
Israel Russia

Many people are sounding the alarm about the use of fossil fuels on the argument that the CO2 they emit will cause catastrophic global warming, even a tipping point near 400 ppm total atmospheric concentration. We are near 400 ppm, 0.04%, now. There has been practically no global warming since 2000, in spite of significant increased use of fossil fuels. Others say that CO2 from fossil fuels is a small part of atmospheric greenhouse gasses and that drastic actions like stopping use of fossil fuels, carbon cap and trade, carbon capture and sequestration would be catastrophic for people who are suffering because of lack of electricity. This article by Yehoshua Socol in Israel and Moshe Yanovskiy in Russia asks the question: "Is global warming argument good for nuclear industry?" It is a very important question for deciding how to promote nuclear power.


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