Today: 19.Jun.2021
(Eric Jelinski, A Koven, J Kim, J Pellazar, L Wu, M Tzolov, S Mulam, P Ottensmeyer) Canada - Closing the CANDU nuclear fuel cycle
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A Koven, J Kim, J Pellazar, L Wu, M Tzolov, S Mulam, E Jelishik and P Ottensmeyer outline a path for Canada to close the CANDU nuclear reactor fuel cycle: Currently, CANDU nuclear reactors in Canada utilize less than 1% of the potential energy in fresh fuel bundles before storing the remainder as nuclear ‘waste’ at on-site nuclear waste management facilities. With the modified PUREX processing system, it is economically possible to close the fuel cycle by extracting and converting the remaining 99% to usable energy. Canada is an excellent example for how scientists, engineers, managers, and regulators need to work together for outstanding results of using nuclear energy. The world must follow this example.

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