Today: 13.May.2021
(The New American, Rebecca Terrell, Bruno Comby, EFN) USofA, France - Nuclear terrorism: Fear versus reality
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Rebecca Terrell is a writer about nuclear energy and other topics for The New American website. In this article, she addresses nuclear terrorism: fear versus reality. There is a popular misconception that inside every nuclear power plant lies a mushroom cloud waiting to happen. Major media certainly peddles such propaganda. There are myths about risks of nuclear accidents and there is reality. In most fields of technology and science there are real problems that can cause wide spread disruption, sickness and deaths. This article summarizes myths and explains realities that are not receiving enough attention. Bruno Comby is Founder - President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - International in Houilles, France. He has written a message to his readers around the world supporting Rebecca Terrell's article. His message is given in the second half of this article.

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