Opportunity to discuss global warming on PBS

Llewellyn King, John Shanahan, Bruno Comby, Calvin Beisner
USA, France
White House Chronicle
Shanghai China is an example of what fossil fuels can do. Most of the materials and construction was done with fossil fuels. All the stationary energy use lighting heating air conditioning communications computer processing is from fossil fuels. All the moving energy use transportation and elevators is from fossil fuels. Nuclear is many times more powerful on a unit weight basis. Wind and solar energy are much weaker vary in power including zero power when the sun doesnt shine and the wind doesnt blow. California is opting out of fossil fuels and nuclear and will get their energy from wind and solar. China is opting mostly for fossil fuels and nuclear. Which one will be better off for the long term California or China

Llewellyn King, White House Chronicle, John Shanahan and Bruno Comby, Environmentalists for Nuclear, Calvin Beisner, Cornwall Alliance: This is a discussion of possibilities for a program/series on PBS TV to explore the topic of man-made global warming. The idea would be welcomed by the public. Message 1 is from Llewellyn King. Message 2 is a reply from John Shanahan with suggestions for a program or series. Message 3 is an excellent summary of this topic by Bruno Comby. Message 4 has excellent questions by Calvin Beisner. Don't miss the significance and subtitles of the pictures.

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