Need to wear old clothes, forgo heat, air conditioning, travel

Some parts of the world have spectacular beauty and happy people. This is due to plentiful energy from hydro fossil fuels and nuclear. Will the world have a better climate if everyone wears old clothes and forgoes heating air conditioning and we travel less Some in the media and certin environmental groups claim that will help control man-made global warming. Really?

CBS writes that because man is using fossil fuels that they claim is causing catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, everyone must wear less clothing and it should be old, not new. We should use less heating and air conditioning and travel less. These people don't care to listen to scientists that claim that fossil fuels only play a minor role in global warmng and they don't look at the beautiful world around them. They focus on a starving, dying polar bear falsely claiming that it is dying due to man-made global warming. This has been exposed as pure alarmist trickery.


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