Today: 22.Oct.2020
(John Shanahan) USofA - Suggestions for Nuclear Matters website and organization
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John Shanahan, civil engineer: Nuclear power in the United States has not successfully responded to misleading and false information by anti-nuclear organizations since the 1970s. It has not successfully dealt with serious problems within the industry and regulatory agencies. Instead some pro-nuclear organizations focus on criticizing fossil fuels and supporting alarmist's claims that carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is an existential problem. Carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is not an existential threat to Earth's climate. Articles on all sides of the carbon dioxide topic are presented on this website under the main tab, ENVIRONMENT. The website for the Nuclear Matters Coalition has a main tab: CLIMATE. If Nuclear Matters is going to successfully get nuclear power on the right track, it might take their CLIMATE tab down and follow the suggestions presented in this article. The rest of the nuclear industry in the USA as well.

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