The other side of the global warming story

Jay Lehr

Jay Lehr, Ph.D. Past Science Director at The Heartland Institute, Member of the Professional Speakers Network, speaking on agriculture, environmental policy, aging, health & nutrition, retirement/aging and green/environment. To stay fit and alert he does long distance bicycling with his wife and has parachuted once a month most of his adult life.: This PowerPoint Presentation was prepared for the President of the United States in late 2016. The President has acted as if he understands the message and agrees with it. People everywhere should do the same. Fossil fuels have been and will remain the most important energy source for the world. Hydro-electric plays an important role. Nuclear energy is the major hope for the long term future. Fear monger groups and people with radical political agendas want to get rid of fossil fuels and nuclear. If they prevail, the world is in for a lot of suffering, genocide, environmental destruction and loss of biodiversity. The extreme greens must be stopped and quickly.


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