No Nukes is Bad News for Climate

Robert Hargraves
Doc Mishler an octagenarian bail bondsman turned cowboy dedicated to raising awareness of global poverty and hunger. Here he is saying that his horses communicate better than many people. This meeting took place in Fort Collins Colorado USA in 2014

Robert Hargraves, physicist, lead advocate for thorium energy and education about benefits of low dose radiation. He is also an advocate of man-made carbon dioxide causing serious man-made global warming. In this article in the Wall Street Journal, he explains the many issues Democrats have with nuclear power. He says that by opposing nuclear power, the Democrats are hindering solving the man-made climate change crisis. Robert Hargraves presents his views in the WSJ article. John Shanahan, civil engineer, presents his views in a photo essay. We agree on many things. Where we disagree, Mother Nature may settle the discussion before scientists have all the answers.


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