Today: 20.Apr.2021
(John Droz, AWED) USofA - Taking wind out of climate change
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John Droz, physicist. Publisher of "Energy and Environmental Newsletter." Editor of The proponents of Climate Change insist that we are facing an imminent threat to our very existence. To prevent this catastrophe they assert that we must make immediate, consequential changes — particularly regarding our energy policies. The primary solution advocated by the major Climate Change advocates is wind energy. The climactic question is: If we accept the Climate Change contention and spend Trillions of dollars to assiduously implement their wind energy solution, will the existential threat be extinguished in the short time-table they say we have? "Greenpeace and others protesting CO2 and global warming, based on a mere BELIEF, like any other religion, is as laughable (if it weren't for their willful and unlawful disruption of honest TAX-PAYING citizens' lives) as demanding the government 'do something' about the length of daylight, or the force of gravity, or the composition of Jupiter.

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