Today: 31.Oct.2020

Geoffrey Rothwell, Ph.D. Economics, ret. Principal Economist at OECD Nuclear Energy Agency: Since 2010, ALL technologies claim to have small MODULAR designs. I have seen NO credible business plan for any SMR. Comments: Bryan Leyland, Energy consultant for Southeast Asia and Africa: There is no doubt that the regulatory organisations are delaying progress. Patrick Moore, Environmental consultant: The US and other western countries and Japan will fall far behind Russia, China and India in nuclear design if they don’t smarten up.

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Bryan Leyland, founding secretary and energy issues adviser for the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC). Tom Harris is the ICSC’s executive director. Modern highly efficient coal-fired power plants with stack gas cleanup – the kind that can be built all over the world – are as clean as they can be. Their emissions consist of water, CO2 and nitrogen. The stack gas cleanup removes virtually all the real pollutants, especially sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxides.

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Bryan Leyland, power systems design, mechanical engineer: Most people who believe in dangerous man-made global warming appear to be confident that the world will soon start to warm again and in 20 or 30 years time the predictions of the climate models will have proved to be correct. Many also tell us that we will have reached the 2° "tipping point" where, they claim, irreversible climatic changes will occur by 2050.

Bryan Leyland, power systems design, mechanical engineer: What is remarkable is that a retired engineer with access to the Internet has been able to make reasonably accurate predictions of future climate. Yet, to my knowledge, no computer-based climate model nor any mainstream “climate scientist” predicted the 2011 cooling or the timing and magnitude of the 2015/2016 El Niño/La Nina. To me, this is truly remarkable We could be returning to the conditions in the little ice age. This is confirmed by the very weak solar cycle with no sunspots for significant periods. History tells us that cooling causes crop failures, famine, disease and, often, war. We must not forget that the climate changes naturally and we need to be prepared for climate change–be it cooling or warming.

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