Today: 23.Nov.2020

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced that Russia has agreed to help build the country’s first ever nuclear power plant, which will be located in the northwestern town of Dabaa.

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Abd El Hamid Abbas El Desoky Ibrahim -Head Sector of NPP Studies And Development, Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA), Cairo, Egypt -The growing demand for energy in Egypt and limited recourses of oil and natural gas mean that we must be more concerned with nuclear energy.

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M.N.H. Comsan - Worldwide, in 2007, there are 439 operating nuclear reactors working in 31 countries with 361 GWe installed power representing ~17% of world demand on electricity. Most of these reactors were designed and developed during the 1960s. For almost five decades, the nuclear power industry has been developing and improving nuclear design and technology towards safer and more reliable operation. With the increase of world demand on energy, 136 new reactors are needed just to maintain the nuclear energy share at the same level by 2025.

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