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The world is full of scientists, medical professionals and engineers who have made tremendous contributions to making the world a lot better AND explaining it to the public in an interesting way. Alan Waltar is one such person. Please take time to read each of the slides in this presentation. There is a lot we can learn.

Robinder Sachdev is founder president of The Imagindia Institute. Mr. Sachdev is a world acknowledged authority across geopolitics, public and economic diplomacy, image and campaign management, cross cultural communications, and affairs of the Indian Diasporas. The Imagindia Institute is a non partisan, independent think tank and research center with a mission to promote the image and imagination of India.

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Donald R. Riley - This is an excellent short summary about radiation. Go Nuclear, Inc. has worked with many key nuclear scientists and engineers with first hand experience in developing nuclear energy technologies, radiation protection and understanding low-dose radiation: Wade Allison, Jerry Cuttler, Ludwik Dobrzynski, Mohan Doss, Ludwig Feinendegen, Darrell Fisher, Marek Janiak, Zbigniew Jaworowski, Kelvin Kemm, Jeffrey Mahn, Donald R. Riley, Theodore Rockwell, Yehoshua Socol, Brant Ulsh, Alan Waltar, James Welsh, among others.

Llewellyn King - The great event of the nuclear calendar for 2011 was the earthquake and tsunami that hammered three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan

If you are a nuclear power believer, these sturdy old machines proved their mettle. They withstood all that nature could throw at them, although terrible damage resulted from the loss of external power and the swamping of the emergency diesel generators.

The extraordinary thing about Fukushima is that although more than 15,000 Japanese died as the result of the earthquake and tsunami, no one died directly from the nuclear accident or from the release of radioactivity.

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