Today: 21.Apr.2021

Euan Mearns, Geologist, Ferruccio Ferroni, Energy Consultant, Robert Hopkirk, Engineering Research & Development, Switzerland: Euan Mearns (UK) presents the paper by Ferrucio Ferroni and Robert Hopkirk (Switzerland) about energy return on energy invested for solar photovoltaic energy used in Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom. Euan Mearns engages blogers on his website who are confident that they are more qualified than F. Ferroni and R. Hopkirk in Switzerland in knowing about solar PV energy. There are three kinds of learning science: a) the science sources themselves, b) the science sources with students in a classroom, and c) the science sources and "bloggers" on the Internet. We encourage everyone to learn and decide for yourselves. Switzerland has many fine scientists and engineers, no matter what these bloggers say. Starting with Paracelsus in the early 1500s, to Albert Einstein in the early 1900s and today's engineers and scientists in nuclear energy and nuclear science.

Published in UK

Ferruccio Ferroni, Energy Consultant, Robert Hopkirk, Engineering Research & Development, Switzerland: Photovoltaic power sources in regions of moderate insolation are analyzed using the concept of Energy Return on Energy Invested (ERoEI or EROI. The results for regions of moderate insolation levels such as Switzerland and Germany indicate that at today's state of development, PV technology cannot offer an energy source but a NET ENERGY LOSS. Our advanced societies can only continue to develop if a surplus of energy is available, but it has become clear that photovoltaic energy at least will not help in any way to replace fossil fuels.

Published in Switzerland

Daniel Wetzel, Die Welt: A Greenpeace study reveals what the feted Paris Climate Agreement implies for the German public. If implemented, Germany will be unrecognizable in a few years. Rural residents and their children will have to mentally prepare for an increase in the next few years from 26,000 wind turbines today to 80,000 rotor towers, if the study correctly describes how to achieve the climate targets agreed in Paris.

Published in Germany

Christopher Booker: The UK may soon face major blackouts due to the impending closure of 14 nuclear and coal-fired power stations which currently supply nearly 40 per cent of our peak electricity needs. This disaster would be unique in Europe, because of the blindness of successive governments’ energy policy. But it now seems that Germany may get there before the UK following its government’s decision, in the wake of Fukushima, to shut eight of its 17 nuclear power plants immediately, with the rest to follow.

Published in Sweden
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