Today: 19.Jun.2021

World Nuclear Association - Summary of Small nuclear power plants with many applications for the past, present and future.

Stewart Brand, the man who helped usher in the environmental movement in the 1960s and '70s has been rethinking his positions on cities, nuclear power, genetic modification and geo-engineering. See this video recorded in 2014 for amazing information about nuclear, coal, natural gas, solar and wind energy for generating electricity.

In the public mind, the foremost reservation about nuclear power is, “What can we do with the waste?” Fortunately there is an answer: We can use the worrisome, very long-lived components as fuel in the right kind of reactors, and then the rest becomes manageable.

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William Hannum, Gerald Marsh, George Stanford -As today’s thermal reactors reach the end of their lifetimes, they could be replaced by fast reactors. Should that occur, there would be no need to mine any more uranium ore for centuries and no further requirement, ever, for uranium enrichment. For the very long term, recycling the fuel of fast reactors would be so efficient that currently available uranium supplies could last indefinitely.

Published in Fission - uranium fuel
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