Today: 19.Jun.2021

Tim Abram, Westinghouse Professor of Nuclear Fuel Technology - Young Generation in Nuclear, Rough Guide to Nuclear Power, Generation-IV.

The Go Nuclear, Inc. Cornerstone Document focuses on four major topics related to peaceful use of nuclear energy, radioisotopes and radiation. ENERGY TOMORROW covers technologies that have been explored, and/or partially or nearly completely developed that show credible promise to generate electricity, provide industrial heat, energy for desalination on a large scale in the future. The guide is Gen IV technologies on the World Nuclear Association website. This includes uranium and thorium, fission, possibly fusion and other nuclear reactions. China, India, Russia and other countries are pursuing these technologies. Please read the Cornerstone Document to understand our purpose and goals for global public education.

This is an excellent educational video about the key technical points of fast breeder reactors, namely the fuel design and fuel recycling. The video is about the highly successful Integral Fast Reactor program at Argonne National Laboratory in the 1980s and 1990s. Anti-nuclear activists worked for decades to stop breeder reactor development. They succeeded through President Bill Clinton. The Russians and Chinese are pressing ahead to use this technology. Never has a leader of any nation abandoned such a vast amount of energy resources as did the United States when it stopped the fast breeder reactor program in the 1990s.

Published in Fission - uranium fuel

John Sackett's 34-year career in advanced reactor and fuel-cycle development led to international recognition in the areas of passive nuclear safety and advanced reactor design.

Published in Fission - uranium fuel
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