Today: 12.Jun.2021

World Nuclear News: Moltex Energy USA LLC has been awarded USD2.55 million of US federal funding to develop technologies that will be capable of shortening Stable Salt Reactor construction timelines to under three years.

Tom Blees, President, The Science Council for Global Initiatives: One of the most exciting aspects of building power ships is that countries with the capability to build shipyards for their construction could essentially become utility companies. The ships could be floated to developing countries that often lack the capital for large construction projects, and they could simply plug a ship into their grid and buy electricity like any consumer. Even if the country owning the ships would sell the electricity at half the average price in Europe, a power ship would pay for itself in less than three years. Thus, countries highly dependent on oil and gas will be able to use their ample funds to build power ship fleets, and developing countries can quickly improve their standards of living with clean, affordable energy.

Walter Horsting, Principal Business Development International, leading national and international teams into high profile projects integrating communications, energy, and entertainment: Coal and fossil fuels have lifted mankind out of hard labor and poverty but with an increasingly high environmental cost. The truth about nuclear is quite simple. Only nuclear power can lift all the World’s poor out of energy poverty without keeping cities like Delhi and Beijing caked in deadly particulate matter. The Liquid-Fuel Reactor Molten Salt Reactor (MSR). *Aircraft assembly line production, *Can’t melt down, *Can’t blow up, *Walk-away safe, *One-third the cost to build due to its inherent safety of low-pressure design, * Can make fuel from Thorium.

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Llewellyn King - One of the glories of nuclear technology is also one of its frustrations: You can design a reactor in a hundred ways. It is like the French cheese dilemma; because there are some 500 cheeses in France, who is to say which are the best?

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