Today: 14.May.2021

Kenya's Young Generation in Nuclear scientists and engineers are taking the lead to plan for nuclear energy in their country and the rest of Africa.

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Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear: Professors, students and people of Kenya recognize the importance of plentiful energy from fossil fuels and nuclear energy and the many by-products and services they bring with them. The young generation of students, scientists, engineers and technologists is especially important.

Published in Kenya

G. Jiminez, A. Muñoz, R. Brucker, T. Villar - One of the main goals of Spanish Young Generation (JJNN) is to spread knowledge about nuclear energy, not only pointing out its advantages and its role in our society, but also trying to correct some of the ideas that are due to the biased information and to the lack of knowledge.

With this goal in mind, lectures were given in several high schools, aimed at students ranging from 14 to 18 years old.

Published in Spain

Objectives of YNSS

Convince the Politicians/ Policy makers on the benefits of Nuclear Power

Presentations/ Videos/ Q & A Sessions on “Peaceful Applications of Nuclear Technology & Electricity Generation using Nuclear Power”

Includes excellent photos of activities.

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